Body and hair care made with nutrient-rich sea kelp – sustainably harvested by hand 51 from the cool, fertile waters off the coast of South Africa. 52

Benefits of

Thanks to our patented cell-burst process, Ecklonia maxima kelp is made into a concentrated liquid called CEM-K. 53 When you consider the benefits 54 it has to offer, it’s easy to see why we’ve used it as the active ingredient for Dermikelp®.

It’s powerful but gentle

CEM-K is a power-pack of nutrients beneficial for body and hair care.55 But it’s also gentle and suitable for all over the body. In fact, our dermatological tests proved it to be not irritating and sensitive to skin.57

It’s rich in nutrients

Ecklonia maxima kelp contains a range of vitamins and minerals, such as iodine and zinc. 57 These properties are preserved through the cell-burst process 58, making CEM-K a rich source of nutrients for body and hair care.

It’s naturally perfect

Nature has done such a perfect job of packaging so many good ingredients into CEM-K that we’ve added very few others to Dermikelp®. In fact, our products are paraben free, and dermatologically tested to contain no irritants.

Isn’t it time you experienced the natural
goodness of CEM-K in Dermikelp®?

“We take pride in the careful handling and extraction process, ensuring only the highest quality active ingredient goes into our products”

Dr Nigel Christie – Creator of Dermikelp

There are a many varieties of sea kelp, but we’ve focused on just one for our Dermikelp products – Ecklonia maxima. We’ve conducted extensive research into this species of brown kelp, learning about everything from the properties of its phlorotannins 59 to its natural marine environment and intricate role in the ecosystem.

We’ve also looked into the best way to preserve its natural goodness after harvesting. Through our own scientific trials and analysis, we found the cell-burst process resulted in a liquid with the highest concentration of compounds . We call it Cell-burst Ecklonia Maxima Kelp, or CEM-K – the active ingredient in our Dermikelp® range.

Hand harvested

Our kelp is hand harvested to not only preserve its goodness, but conserve the diverse ecosystem that depends on it. 61

Extracted with care

CEM-K is naturally derived from Ecklonia maxima through cell-burst technology to keep its natural properties pure. 62

Harnessing the power of CEM-K

Mother nature has done all the hard work for us by creating a plant that absorbs and locks away the richest nutrients from the sea. That’s why, when it comes to harvesting and processing Ecklonia maxima kelp, everything we do is designed to preserve nature’s goodness.

As soon as it’s sustainably harvested, we move the fresh kelp to our production plant for sorting and washing. We then put it through our patented cell-burst process, 63 which safeguards the properties that make it unique to Dermikelp®. All without any heating, dehydrating or freezing involved in the process. 64

Cell bursting extraction

  • The Kelp is cut into 1-2mm square pieces

  • It’s then put under immense pressure

  • The particles are compressed into microparticles

  • When the pressure is released, the particles try to go back to their original size causing the cell walls rupture and release their nutrient-rich contents

  • This ‘cell sap’ is then used as an active ingredient in Dermikelp® hair and body care products